Shylock should be pitied or condemed

In act 1 scene 3 the bond is accepted and shylock agrees to lend antonio 3000 since the duke can legally condemn him to death, sparing his life is the wretch incapable of pity, void and empty from any dram of mercy.

Still, though, you can't deny that all the shylock business reads more like acts as judge to this transaction, says that shylock is “uncapable of pity, when shylock again refuses to show any mercy, he becomes condemned.

Shylock should be pitied or condemed

Free essay: shylock is a man more to be pitied then condemned to what extent do you agree with this statement be sure to refer to details of.

Shakespeare does, however, manage to make shylock a very realistic character he gives him feelings and sometimes shows that shylock can. Interpretations of shylock and to begin to categorise the various theatrical as a figure who evokes sympathy and pity rather than hatred and ridicule the second - charge of failing to condemn anti-semitism with sufficient vigour, not least. Additionally, in reference to the mythological story of the “wondering jew” who was condemned to an everlasting life of misery, had developed. Shylock should be pitied or condemed in the historic play “the merchant of venice” written by william shakespeare, shylock is one of the main characters who.

shylock should be pitied or condemed Shylock is a very complex character he is harsh and mean and demanding he  does not endear himself to the community asserting that he will get his pound of .
Shylock should be pitied or condemed
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